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This epic obsession

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I guess I'm pretty random... and slightly crazy... my friends call me unique... ^^ I tend to get very bouncy when I'm excited, that and I like to ramble.

My dreams are fucked up big time. I live on this tiny island in Norway. Did I mention I can swim? Because I totally can. I also study art and stuff at this local school.

and I have this obsession over this really awesome band called Panic! At The Disco. Them > everything else. Even marzipan. Yes, it is that bad. Though recently I've been obsessing over True Blood. That show is awesome and almost convinced me that vampires are better than shapeshifters. Okay, I lied in that show vampires ARE better than shapeshifters.

I also love Supernatural and books. Though not Supernatural books, they kind of sucked. Anyway, want to know more about me, contact me.